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A guide to posing in The Sims 2

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Introduction and Rules
xx_imagination wrote in posebox
Hey all, welcome to my new community. Pretty much this will be a place where you can post or reference any of the poses in the growing amount of pose boxes (or pictures, or other things) that seem to popping up in The Sims 2 community.

I'll be setting up a system of tags so that all posts will be easy to search, so that you can find the exact pose you are looking for. For example: want your sims to be kneeling on the ground? Click on the ground:kneeling tag.

1. This is for guides to poses and animations only. No advertising your own creations, check out wella_creations for that. However, if you created a pose box, feel free to create a guide and post it here.

2. The community currently has open membership and unmoderated posting. I'd love to keep it this way, so please don't post anything that doesn't fit in with the community.

3. When creating a guide to a new pose hack, please follow a very specific format which is outlined below.

4. All images should be posted behind a cut. Only text information may be outside the cut. Cuts must be real, no fake cuts or links to other pages for images.

5. Posting format:
  • Each post should contain one pose or one animation. If there are multiple variations of the same pose or animation, they can be included in this one post

  • All posts must include the following information: Creator, Download Link, Where to Find Box in game, Appropriate tags, A picture of the pose OR a series of pictures or a video of the animation
  • Partner poses should include a picture of the partners together and a picture of each pose separate
6. You can post as many times per day as you want, since you may want to post an entire box, but each pose needs its own post.

7. Have fun! And I hope this is useful for everyone.

I will be posting summary posts which contain links to all the poses in one pose box after they are posted, so that users can find poses that way as well!


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